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  1. Please note that the butts field is uneven and appropriate footwear should be worn.
  2. Whilst we have taken appropriate steps to maintain safety, responsibilty is ultimately down to the individual
  3. The field and access from the public paths will be stopped for the weekend 4th – 5th June

Archery safety

  1. You will have mandatory tuition at the practice butts
  2. The bow with arrows mounted must always point towards the targets
  3. Pointing a bow with arrow towards the crowd will cause the horn to sound and the person asked to leave the butts.
  4. Shooting arrows MUST STOP ON THE HORN
  5. All stewards will be visable in HI VIS jackets

Horn and bell signals

  1. A bell will sound once for a 10 second warning to start
  2. A bell will sound twice to start shooting arrows
  3. A horn will sound once to stop shooting arrows

Emergency stop is 4 sounds of the horn – e.g. if a person is seen in the target area or safety compromised

Emergency access will be required up the church track at all times and so no parking is allowed.



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