Bacon Butties 10am free in church

Will be served at the service 10am St Margaret's church. Last year the archery service in the church had bow and arrow themes throughout but in the background you could hear the sound of bacon frying and the smell wafted down the aisle. The tastiest, most succulent, locally produced bacon from Charters butchers in Leven....mmmm

Charcoal Hog roast

Long Riston Archery Festival hog sandwiches are a MUST!! The hog usually arrives around 12 be there! * Succulent local reared pork * Cracking crackling * Homemade apple sauce * Delicious stuffing * Local soft rolls

Scores leader board

The leader board will be updated throughout the day with children, open and veteran categories....competition was intense last year with some brilliant arrows. Five categories up for grabs this year: Robin Hood Maid Marion Lady in waiting Will Scarlet Best Band of Outlaws